Dadanaut’s little cosmos

Dadanaut’s probably a dadaistic memory unit for special moments that can be forgotten or overlooked too quickly in the rush of everyday life.

His main task is saving and archiving those moments. But he’s by no means a machine.

How valuable these banal moments are is sometimes only noticable ’cause of his devoted work. He helps to remember. Through music, he wants to strengthen the focus on these memories and moments. He wants to distract from the background noise of everyday life and kidnap the listener into little daydreams.

From when he dates, who sent him on his trip or when he’ll stop is not known exactly. It is only known that he was spotted for the first time in the 1920s. His appearance back then has been very mystic and strange to the people.

The first eyewitness statements contained phrases such as: "That was an idea of the crazy Dadaists. He looks like he's one of them. They just want to confuse us." Some others were a bit more thoughtful and remarked the following: "Surely someone wants to hold a mirror for us."

Anyway. One thing is clear to all: Dadanaut just wants to remember.

There are hopefully equally nice head movies, here in the small Klickerkosmos, to find for you.

And have fun!