Unterstadt II :: Totenstaub und Rauch

Dust of the dead, smoke and delusions and confusions. Dadanaut’s path out of the city underneath.

Anyone who knows the rest of the albums can discover three old songs on Dead dust and smoke. At that time back then, whilst they were made, they surprisingly took different directions than originally thought ... ’cause of various influences and turns. That's why I picked them up again and tried to boost them with new sounds and other ingredients.

There is a song on the album which originated in the year 2004. It’s called Arbeiterheer. I was very surprised about that find ’cause I’d not thought of myself to be able to "compose" such a song back then. I have provided it with new instruments and added little things here and there and some other (slightly) modifications.

Anyway, each time when I start with new music I want to release a concept album. A story teller with a comprehensive sound character. Two very long pieces to be pressed on a vinyl record (not that it would ever happen). It’s a vision.

I've always rejected this idea and never brought it to an end. Each time I split up the concept album I had started, and finished many smaller songs, often with different sound patterns.

The last separation and rediscovery of this kind was the song Schlummerland on the Schnuppe, which represents the first three songs of the Radiators in the original unit.

Then you’ll hear some sound collages in the style of the previous album Unterstadt. Those put an end to the cycle of timeless dream sequences ... for now.

About Epitaph I am also very happy. An epic piece, with a very beautiful poem as a spoken insert, and smaller sound collages. The song builts up towards the end.

Have fun listening.

Released: 4. Januar 2019

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