Dadanaut und die Teppichgeister

As a child you may have given personal things great-sounding fantasy names. So that no one else could understand what you were talking about. Especially adults.

A cocoa-mix machine that was built from Lego stones; light came out of a tube as a kind of paste; the mattress was renamed Quadratze ’cause of its shape and fiercely used as a trampoline; light shimmered through the curtain and formed fantastic pictures on the wall; a firm slap on the the carpet and a dust wave broke loose; various mysterious boxes or suitcases were opened, revealing incredible treasures; comics, books and everything else just stacked up and much more ...

Parts of the album were created in GarageBand on the iPod touch, on the couch, the loo or during breaks on excursions. Much else quite comfortably on the keyboard and guitar at home in Lauffen am Neckar and Hildesheim.

Apple Logic has finally brought everything together.

A great source of inspiration was nature, various musical influences and some coincidences.

Released: 1. Mai 2013

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