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Dananaut erzeugt durch Instrumentalmusik feinstes Kopfkino.

Welcome to Dadanaut’s little kosmos full of music

A music shelf full of instrumental or headphone music

Mostly Dadanaut plays instrumental music or creates spherical soundscapes. Less often, the music is described as ambient metal. From Dadanaut itself sometimes only Dadanoise. But mainly it is headphone music. That’s only if you need a drawer. Actually, you would need several.

In a few songs, however, there is also singing, now and then even spoken narration.

Just listen to your own opinion. The shelf is full of surprises. Maybe you can even be more creative or productive with instrumental music as background music. Even if it is melancholic. Or does melancholic music make you happy?

The music shelf

Exists only virtually. All publications are and remain digital. Only the first album – Dadanaut und die Teppichgeister – was released as a real cd.

Here you can see what has been published so far. In chronological order. A little further down you can see what is being worked on at the moment.

In the rehearsal room

Here are the albums that are currently being worked on. You see when it is likely to be published … and the songs have version numbers too.

Aus dem Kanglabor direkt ins Musikregal

Background music?

That may sound a bit pejorative, but it is not and should not be. For many people, music in the background works like a kind of productivity enhancer. Mostly in creative work. As already mentioned above. Try it out!

And isn’t film music also a kind of background music?

There is constant experimentation in the dadanautic sound laboratory. There is no end to the constant search for new sounds. Also because it is a lot of fun.

And that’s why there will hopefully be some more music albums in the future.


Headphone music

Put on your headphones, get on the couch and close your eyes while listening. This is the best way to enjoy all the details of Dadanaut’s music.

Kopfhörer-Musik aus’m Klanglabor direkt in’s Musikregal und auf die Ohren der Zuhörer
Ein Musikregal voller Musik ... und auch Instrumentalmusik
Effektgeräte für Gitarren. Bodentreter im Proberaum.